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Work 4.0

Abstract high1 The terms industry 4.0 and digitization are on everyone’s lips and should lead to an increasing digitization of companies and to a change in working methods in companies. more...

Human Resources 4.0

Abstract high1The New Work concept promotes transparency, employee satisfaction and flexibility in the performance at work, which in turn increases the productivity of companies. more...

New Work = New Play?

Abstract high1 New Work is the promise of developing better adaptability in an uncertain, rapidly changing world. Whether companies are really serious about New Work is usually only revealed when it comes to... more

Agile Transformation

Abstract high1 Digitisation, innovation pressure, New Work - the business world is changing and with it the organisational framework of companies. more...

New work methods at work

Abstract high1An important component of New Work is the involvement of employees in the shaping of transformation and innovation processes. more...


Abstract high1The article outlines the basic idea of co-determination as a conflict solving mechanism from its historical roots to its present practical organization. more...