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Play to achieve objectives with TecGames & TecAwards

Active knowledge management for all industries. Including yours.

Interactive and motivating, TecGames build on the knowledge base of WTI to offer knowledge games similar to „Who Wants to Be a Millionaire“ and also e-learning units for mobile devices. TecAwards are online or live staged knowledge competitions utilizing TecGames tools and content. WTI runs TecAwards events and campaigns for associations, training providers and industrial enterprises to support marketing, active knowledge management or the development of a company into a learning organization.

Deployment scenarios for TecGames & TecAwards

Training programs

Certified training programs as regular knowledge competitions, e.g.,annually or quarterly, with award ceremony.

Learning experiences for different target groups

Dynamic and motivating learning experiences for students, staff and professionals to increase knowledge and competencies.

Social events

Exciting social events for small and large audiences - like fairs, congresses and transnational knowledge competitions.

Hannover Messe TecGame booth 2015 TecGame & TecAward by WTI as an Event at the Hannover Fair 2015 at the joint stand of the federal state of Hessen.

Photo ©Robert Buchholz, SNTL

For customer projects, we build three components and moderate the competition as either an online campaign or live event.

  • A custom designed quiz system to motivate participants to learn, to achieve training and business objectives, delivered via mobile device, accessible at any time.
  • Learning analytics tools for knowledge progress and engagement measurement
  • Highest quality custom learning content of current, application-oriented scientific and technical tutorials (question & answer pairs, instructional media), tailored toward specific knowledge and competency levels.


Elisabeth Buchberger