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Achieve your Advantage in Knowledge

Especially for colleges specializing in engineering WTI is a ‘must have’.

Almost all colleges focused on engineering in Germany, Austria and Switzerland provide free of charge access to our databases for all students, assistants and professors. With our research tools we offer extensive high quality and reliable contents.

Use your Access via your University Library

With just a few clicks you will get access to 25 million references to publications that you can use in the scope of your studies, research, teaching or your dissertation. Ask your librarian if the access to our WTI databases is already provided.

We can offer a package suited to your college’s individual requirements, including our in-house or online training if needed.

If you need further information please contact Peter Tandetzky.

Book your Flat-Rate to Knowledge

You only need temporary access to information regarding specific questions? Then our flat-rate is the ideal solution.

Your college library doesn’t offer access to our databases? Then take advantage and subscribe our flat-rate for a week, a month or longer, depending on how long you want to access our WTI base of knowledge – for the duration of a research project or in the scope of your PhD thesis, an internship or in preparation of an application.

If you need further information please contact Peter Tandetzky.

Let us do the Work for you

You want the newest up-to-date information to a specific topic? Our TecScan journals summarize all useful and relevant knowledge.

Take the shortcut to select all relevant information out of a huge amount of data. Simply delegate the research, evaluation and processing of information to us. We provide exactly what you need for your dissertation.

If you need further information please contact Holger Grebe.

Make use of our Profession Training

We at WTI offer you support through various training to teach you an ideal usage of information resources and services.

You have the choice between in-house training at your college or library and webinars regarding the variety of information offers and services.

If you need further information please contact Peter Tandetzky.