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Take the shortcut. WTI leads you directly to the content that is relevant for you.

Gather the central contents of a knowledge source in a few minutes. Use our intelligent tools for further analysis. Here you will find exactly the relevant knowledge that is essential to your company, research activities or studies.

Find relevant Information in a matter of seconds

Our efficient search engine TecFinder supports your inquire. We summarize complex literature into precise abstracts for you. Thus you will be able to quickly select the contents best suited for you and find the exact source you need. more...

Let us inform you

Keep up to date with regular extracts from our databases regarding pre-defined themes. Our TecScan Journals offer an established and compact overview of new publications, including recent topics in industry and politics, such as Industrie 4.0, IT security or electric mobility.

Contact: Holger Grebe

Delegate your Information Research to our Specialists

Simply delegate your information research, evaluation and processing to us. We will provide you with “ready to use” information packages. Coordinate your relevant contents and your preferred quality as well as the degree of processing for your information with us. Choose one of our various service packages: TecExpert Basic, Advanced or Analysis.

Contact: Peter Tandetzky