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WTI Products - An Overview



TecFinder is our highly effective search engine that provides you with an ideal search experience in our libraries.


You want the newest up-to-date information to a specific topic? Our TecScan journals summarize all useful and relevant knowledge.


We provide you with "ready to use" information packages. Coordinate your relevant contents and your preferred quality as well as the degree of processing for your information with us. Choose one of our various service packages: TecExpert Basic, TecExpert Advanced or TecExpert Analysis.


WTI's Thesaurus "Technology and Management (TEMA)" offers a comprehensive and well structured collection of the current terminology for the wide field of engineering sciences in German and English. Together with the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) WTI recently implemented a cooperation project that aims at enhancing the TEMA-Thesaurus towards an ontology.

Please contact us, if you wish further information regarding WTI's products:
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