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This is how you find relevant knowledge

TecFinder is our highly effective search engine that provides you with an ideal search experience in our libraries.

With it’s intelligent research and analysis functions you will make the relevant knowledge usable for yourself.

Test TecFinder

Find the relevant results for your topic free of charge with the help our TecFinder.

Convince yourself of the quality and relevance of the provided information. Try our training environment TecLearn. Simply enter your search term in the search bar.
Alternatively, you can subscribe our theme packages or single databases for a low priced flat-rate for one week. There you will find our current and complete stock of information for the field of your choice. more…

Use the simplicity

  • Relevant results in just a few seconds
  • Millions of indexed documents
  • Hit display while entering a search term
  • Ranking of relevance according to currentness and content of data
  • Performance analysis sorted by subject area, authors, institutions, time-frames, etc.
  • Compilation of results on your wish list
  • Order full texts or use the linkage to digital publications

Discover TecFinder

We are looking forward to hearing from you, if you have further questions regarding TecFinder.

Please do not hesitate to participate in our free of charge webinare training for research in WTI databases.


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