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Theme Packages and Databases

Our theme packages bundle various databases and offer you a comprehensive and extensive overview of the topics relevant for you.
Currently the theme packages “Technology and Management” as well as “Electric Mobility” are available for you. All databases listed there can also be booked individually as needed.

Theme Package "TEMA® Technology and Management"

The theme package "TEMA® Technology and Management" is produced by WTI to provide you with a diversified specter of information.
It includes the following databases:

Our TEMA® was established in 1968 and as off January 2017 the entry count reached approximately 5.4 million. The abstracts are available in German as well as English. Due to weekly updates our entry count is steadily growing and contents is kept up to date.   more..

You can find details regarding each description further down.

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Theme Package "Automotive"

We offer the theme package "Electric Mobility" to provide you with findings from all of our databases regarding this subject. Hence covering a broad line-up. You will find references to electric vehicles, batteries, control systems, automobile technology and research results regarding political aspects amongst others.

The theme package includes the following databases:

You can find further information regarding the topic electric mobility in the database "Norms for Electric Mobility". Due to licensing reasons we are unable to include this database in our theme package, thus they are only available as single databases. You can find details regarding each description further down.

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Single Databases

CEABA Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

CEABA (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts) contains references with abstracts, keywords and bibliographic details of international scientific and application-oriented literature on chemical engineering and biotechnology. It covers journals, conference proceedings, books, dissertations, and grey literature. The abstracts are in German and/or English. The CEABA database was published by DECHEMA e.V. up to May 2011. From June 2011 it has been produced by WTI-Frankfurt.

Topics: chemical and process engineering, production processes and process development, measurement and process control, equipment and plant, materials technology and testing, mathematical methods and modelling, environmental protection and safety, bioprocess engineering and process development, fermentation, enzymology and biotransformation, information technology, utilities and services, economics and management.  more...

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Polymer Library

The Polymer Library is the world's only database dedicated exclusively to information on rubbers, plastics, adhesives and polymer composites. Since 1972 the database contains records covering commercial, marketing and academic aspects of the rubber and plastics industry. The source material for the database is selected from journals in a variety of languages from 30 different countries, including North America, Australia, Europe, Japan and China. Source material is also collected from books, technical reports and technical literature. Until June 2018 the Polymer Library was produced by Smithers Information Ltd. Since August 2018 the database is continued by WTI-Frankfurt-digital. Due to the weekly update, the number of records is constantly growing and remains up to date.  more...

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RSWB® PLUS References on Building and Construction

RSWB PLUS contains, in addition to the German construction database RSWB, also documents from the international construction database ICONDA. RSWB provides bibliographic references to German publications from the areas of regional planning, town planning, housing and construction. ICONDA is produced in international cooperation and contains contributions from various countries for the areas of construction, civil engineering, architecture and town planning. The references cover journals, books, conference papers, reports, dissertations, laws and regulations and standards.

Topics: building maintenance and monument protection, building industry and construction operations, building services and supply, foundation engineering, building law, architecture and building design, construction material and building physics, civil engineering, town planning and housing, regional planning and traffic, politics and economy, environmental protection and landscape conservation.  more...

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ESTEC Environment, Sustainability and Technology

This database contains references with abstracts, keywords and descriptors on technologies for environment and sustainability. ESTEC provides information from German and international scientific and practical technical literature like journals, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, as well as non-conventional literature. The abstracts are in German and/or English. The search may be conducted with German or English terms.

Topics: renewable energy sources, solar power, biomass processing, bio-fuels, heat pumps, thermal insulation, energy efficient technologies, climate protection, life cycle assessment, air pollution control, carbon capture and storage (ccs), waste prevention, waste management, disposal sealing, pollutant measuring of soil, water and air recycling, membrane and filter technologie, sound-absorbing materials and protective clothing.  more...

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